The Best Tax Calculators For 2016

Whether you are preparing your income tax statement for the first time, or you are a seasoned tax filer with many years of online tax filing, tax calculators can always help.

First it gives you insight into the size of your IRS tax return. Second it will give you an overview of the necessary information you need to gather before you start filing your taxes online.

Here are the best tax calculators out there.

H&R Block Tax Estimator

The H&R Block Tax estimator calculate your ballpark return from the IRS. The calculator is in the form of a questionnaire in three steps. First your marital and dependents situation. Seconds the portrait of your income and the last section covers your expenses. The questionnaire is thorough so be prepared to tale 10-15 minutes to complete it.


Here is the link to the H&R Block Tax Calculator:

The Tax Act Calculator

The well know Tax Act tax preparation software offers a tax calculator as well as a tax bracket estimator. The tax calculator is very easy to use. In four tabs, it lets you navigate back and forth to fill out your basic info, income, deductions and credits. The fifth and last tab gives you a live update of your tax profile complete with details on your exemptions, your deductions and your credits.

Here is the TaxAct calculator and the tax bracket calculator:



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