IRS – Internal Revenue Service

IRS Main Phone Number

1-800-829-1040 (All States)


IRS Individual Return Refund Hotline



IRS Specialty Questions; Individual & Business



IRS Resolution Office for both Missouri & Kansas

Missouri IRS Walk-In Office
5800 E Bannister Road, Ste. 201
Kansas City , Mo 64134 (Corner of Bannister & Hillcrest Roads)
(Hours: 8-4 M-F)

Kansas IRS Walk-In Office (no phone)
5799 Broadmoor St., Ste 400
Mission , KS 66202
(Hours: 8-4 M-F)


Financial Management Services


For questions regarding unreceived refunds that may have been offset for assessments. FMS tells taxpayer if there are levies on a refund as well as by whom. Also answers regarding IRS Debt Questions.


State of Missouri main phone in Jefferson City , MO


In Kansas City , MO , the state numbers are:

Individual tax questions -816-889-2920

Business tax questions – 816-889-2944


Missouri Refund Hotline:


Missouri Web-Site address:


State of Kansas main phone in Topeka , KS



KS Refund Hotline: 1-800-894-0318.


Kansas Web-Site address:


Social Security Administration



Jackson County , MO County Tax Questions:


For Real Estate and Personal Property and Business Furniture and Fixtures:



Web-Site .


Johnson County , KS County Tax Questions:


Real Estate –913-715-5000.

Personal Property – 913-826-1800.

Web-Site Address: .


Wyandotte County Tax Questions:913-573-2828.

Cass County Tax Questions: 816-380-8677

Clay County Tax Questions: 816-792-7634.

Platte County Assessor: 816-858-2232.


Kansas City , MO E-Tax numbers:


and 816-513-1135.