Turbo Tax Phone Number

Reaching out to an online service provider is never easy. Unless you are paying for extended support, you are often limited to online forums and email support. This is great if you are having a general problem other people have had. But if you have a very specific issue or if you are having security or account related issues, you want to speak to a human being who can help.

There is a great site called Get Human that does exactly that. They crowd source phone numbers and even the key combination to reach a human being as fast as possible.

Turbo Tax Telephone

Here is the phone number for Turbo Tax that Get Human has listed: 888-777-3066

If you call Turbo Tax directly simply say “I don’t” and then “Representative” and “Representative” again. This will get you talking to a Turbo Tax helpdesk support representative quickly.
Good luck on your taxes!

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