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Intuit’s TurboTax has a long track record of servicing American tax payers by simplifying their tax return filing. It is one of the most popular tax package in the USA. Here’s why:

TurboTax - Choose Easy
Simplicity and Accuracy

TurboTax is certainly one of the simplest tax software to use. First time users will have no difficulty following the instructions to complete their tax preparation event it’s the first time they do it online.

TurboTax let you import your W-2 form directly into the app saving you the time to type in all your numbers and avoiding any typing errors. This is a big time saver and get you going on a solid start.

Intuit’s TurboTax make a number of accuracy claims including maximum refund, error checking and the 100% accuracy guarantee on all tax calculation. They will even offer to pay any penalty and interest related to this. See the detail on their site Start your taxes FREE with TurboTax Online Federal Free Edition. Learn more.

Free Federal and State Filing

If you want to use the simplified federal forms, Not only will TurboTax allow your to file your federal taxes for free, but they will also let you file you state tax for free! Absolute Zero®. $0 Fed. $0 State. $0 to File. Fed Free Edition.

Deluxe and Premier Versions

Compare TurboTax 2015 Products. No matter how unique your tax situation is, we have you covered.

The Deluxe version of TuboTax is geared towards tax payer who are not using the simplified form to file their income taxes. It covers all the deductions in detail using schedule A. It even lets you deduct individual contractor and freelance simple expenses using for 1099-MISC. It’s also the version you need it you have made charitable donations in the past year.

The Premier version of TurboTax is for households with investments and rental property. It includes Schedule D for investments such as stocks, bonds and ESPP. It also handle all the deductions around rental income using schedule E.

TurboTax Conclusion

TurboTax is the living proof that filing your taxes online is a lot simpler that the traditional way.

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